New Boyz

Im a big fan of the New Boyz.My Fovorite one of the New Boyz is Ben J. I like how they wear colored skinney jeans! And i love the Jerk. im a big fan of there songs so yea.New Boys

Pop Bottle Rockets

We mad pop bottles rockets. It was kind of diffcult it was kind of diffcult because somtimes the rockets didnt go the why I didnt want it to go. If I had to do it again I would  probably try to make my rocket  stay up in the air longer than it had before. But other than that this project was really fun and so yea thats mainly it

Me and Jasmines Bottle Rocket.

Me and Jasmines Bottle Rocket.


Do I listen to music a lot? That’s an easy answer yes I do. I like listen to music because its a big part of my life. I say that because there are a lot of music that you can listen to. And i listen to music a lot because i don’t understand how someone couldn’t listen to music. I have my iPod everywhere I go. If i don’t have my iPod you already know that I’m singing the song in my head.If  i am not singing the song in my head then you will hear me trying to make the beat. That’s how much i love music.


I’m Zakaiya my favorite color is purple.  I like purple because I just do.  I also like playing sports such as volleyball and basketball. When I go to college Iplan on going to MSU. I want to go there because it seems like a really good school. I Love to listen to music. I mainly listen to hip hop and r&b. I like to watch t.v one of my favorite shows is Spongebob. I like that show because i just do. That’s mainly all you need to know about me

Lego Robotics

lego robotWith the robots you mainly just watched the videos and it told you what to do. Then it told you how to program your robot on what you wanted it to do.

Some parts it would get a little confusing. Once you watched the video and understood what they wanted you to do it got a lot easier. The buttons were color coated and it made it easier to find the buttons that you needed to push.

One of the main tough parts of this was when you had to add new parts to the robot.First you had to make sure that you had the right part and that you had put it on correctly.Then you had to test tit out to make sure that it work out right.